Los Angeles Mover – How to Pack and Move A Bathroom!

People think that bathroom, being the smallest room of a house, is the simplest to pack. Typically people realize the complexity of the bathroom when they just start packing. If you do not have the time or will to pack this room, you should talk with a Los Angeles mover and it will tell you how to pack and move a bathroom.

bathroom_moving_los_angelesThe first thing any mover recommends is to sort all the items from the room. If you verify the medicine chests, cupboards and drawers, you will likely notice that you have been keeping things that you no longer need or they are expired. Place them aside, in a trash bag.

Sort you toiletries, linens, bathroom accessories and cleaning supplies.  Also, you should keep a box with items essentials, used daily: a soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and toilet paper. You should buy plastic sealing bags. This is where you will place shampoos, hair conditioners and different tubes. Make sure to tighten the lids and the tubes do not leak.

Washcloths and towels should be dry before folding them and packing. Pay very attention to chemicals and cleaning detergents- place them in a plastic bag and tie it very well. Make sure that bag is not reachable by children.

If you have certain electronics like hair dryer or electric shaver, make sure to have the original boxes and place the items there.  If you have fragile items, you should use some cushioning material on the bottom and the top of the box.

In most cases you will need small boxes for packing a bathroom. You will also need packing peanuts or bubble wrap for your items. Make sure to procure these items from various stores or online. Talk with a local moving company and ask for moving supplies recommendations.

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