5 Common Mistakes When Moving an Office in Los Angeles

moving laRelocating a corporate business is complicated and requires lots of preparations.  Do not hesitate to call Los Angeles office movers for help.  Below we present a list with 5 common mistakes when moving an office in Los Angeles:

  • Not planning everything in detail and in advance. Relocating an office is extremely complicated and it involves numerous risks.  All hardware must be protected and adequately packed. All items must be registered and catalogued, in order to provide a better picture of the whole cargo. Do not underestimate the cargo volume.
  • Contacting an office mover when it is a bit too late. Office movers in LA are pretty busy, because many companies move in or out here.  So, if you want to be helped by professionals, contact the movers in advance and schedule the move date.  Reliable companies will also want to inspect the cargo before the move, valuate it and determine how equipment will be packed.  It will also help the mover appreciate if a van will suffice for the move or a cargo truck will be needed.
  • Not respecting all safety procedures and recommendations. There is a whole list of calamities that can happen if you do not use proper packing materials and resistant boxes and containers. Also, try to respect packing rules for electronic equipment. Purchase anti-static charges packing materials. Each display monitor must be packed individually in a box. Do not pack anything else in that box, if you do not want to end up with scratched or damaged monitors.
  • Not labeling the boxes. It is likely to have to disassemble some systems. It is highly important to label all parts and boxes where they have been placed. You will surely need to reassemble the equipment as fast as possible and start working again.
  • Not hiring an office mover. Office movers provide high quality services. They have the skills and knowledge to get the job done faster and safer.

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