4 Tips On How To Pack China and Cups During A Move!

Relocation is a dangerous process and it can produce irremediable damage to fragile items, such as china, cups or other glassware. Fortunately there are effective methods to protect your precious cargo. We have specially designed materials and boxes and any of the many Venice movers is able to supply you with these. But you must also take care of your items and you should also consider following these 4 tips:

teddybeargirl–  Gather materials and boxes before you actually start packing.  You should start by purchasing a dish pack- this is a sturdy corrugated box that has a double-wall construction. It is ideal for packing china, cups, glassware, vases and any other similar items.  Usually moving companies have them available, so, you may want to contact a local mover in order to get them.  Packing peanuts are also vital if you want maximum protection.

–  Wrap each item individually. It is recommended to use multiple layers of bubble wrap or newspaper. Make sure that china items do not come in contact with each other and make sure to have enough padding material around each individual item. Put cushioning between the lids and the main portion of the lidded items (teapots or sugar bowls).

–  Pack and label boxes accordingly with their respective content. Larger china items, glass plates and any other flat glassware object can be placed at the bottom of the box. They can form the first layer in a dish pack.   After that place cushioning material in the bottom and wrap each piece individually. You can also wrap again in a bundle of 2 or 3 items with an extra layer of newspaper. Place these bundles in a row. Surround bundles with crushed paper or packing peanuts. Do not leave unfilled spaces.  Divide layers using cardboard dividers. A second layer can be formed by smaller china plates, bowls or saucers.  Repeat the steps mentioned before. After you have finished packing a box, write its content with a marker.

–  Call for local moving companies. This is a good idea if you need certain materials or help with packing. They know how to handle a situation and can aid you finish faster.

We are a well organized, dedicated local moving company, operating in the area of Venice. If you need any help with packing fragile items, we are always available.  More details can be found at our website. Visit us!