Venice Movers Present 3 Essential Packing Materials During A Move!

Choosing the right packing material is a key element for any successful move. Venice movers present 3 essential packing materials during a move:

packers-in-la1)     Encapsulated-air plastic (bubble) sheeting. This is one of the best air cellular cushioning materials, made of air bubbles encased between 2 poly sheets which have been sealed together.  The process allows the trapped air to provide a protective cushion against any shock. You can use the bubble sheeting for lightweight items and you can even cut it to various shapes and sizes, to protect the items you want. But do not use it for heavy items.  Also, it is recommended to use multiple layers of sheeting, to ensure that the entire object is protected, including all the corners and edges.

2)     Biodegradable Packing Peanuts. The latest trend is to use non-toxic, recyclable and reusable packing materials. Packing peanuts are on the list.  They are made of food grade com starch and they have no electrostatic charges, unlike polystyrene. You can use it to pack lightweight items like: toys, cosmetics, body products and electronics. Safe and easy to pack and inexpensive. Protects products of all shapes and sizes and will not snap and migrate from product. And if you do not need it anymore, you can dissolve it in a sink or a bath tub.

3)     Cushion foam.  It is an excellent shock absorbent and it is lightweight. But you must pay attention to several elements. The density of the foam must be high-enough to confer adequate protection. The higher the density, the better grade of foam.  Indentation foam deflection (IFD) shows us how soft the foam is. High Resilience shows the flexibility of the foam. Biocide is an additive that must be present in order to reduce the fungal growth.

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