Need Tips On How To Wrap And Pack A Hot Tub During A Move?

Packing a hot tub for a move can be a daunting mission. Hot tubs come in different shapes and sizes. One thing they all have in common: they are very heavy and must be handled by many persons in order to be properly placed wherever you want. If you consider this task too difficult, you should call for moving services in Venice. You will certainly find persons able to explain further how to relocate a hut tub.  This article will give some guiding if you need tips on how to wrap and pack a hot tub during a move.  Here is a list with things you should do:

1)     Asses the dimensions of your tub. Use a measuring tape to find out the height and the length of you tub.  In this moving hot tubway you will now if the tub will fit through doors, hallways and stairways.  This can give you a clear view about what strategy to adopt during the move. Also, if you are thinking to use the services of a move, do not forget to send data about the model of the tub and its dimensions.

2)     Pack all the accessories separately. Heater, blower, plumbing units, electrical units and pumps must be cleaned, dried and packed individually. Use sturdy boxes.  Nuts and bolts must be place also in a different bag/box and must be labeled properly.

3)     Drain the hot tub. This is a must if you want to ensure safe conditions for the move. Also, excess moisture can damage other items that will be placed in the cargo hold with the hot tub.

4)     Turn the tub on its side. This is the most important part of the whole operation and you will need as much help as it gets.  You will need to place 2 by 4 lumbers under the hot tub and after that put the flat side of the furniture dollies under the tub, between these lumbers. You will need 2 dollies, one for each side of the tub.

5)     Use strong straps to secure the tub on the dolly. After that, all you need to do is to carefully move the tub.

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