Learn How To Move Heavy Furniture Pieces During A Move In Venice!

If you are preparing to relocate your belongings to a new home, nothing is more dreadful than moving heavy furniture items. They are very heavy to lift and any mishandling can produce significant injuries and property damage as well.  If you need help, movers Venice provides are highly skilled and know exactly what to do in order to successfully get this job done. Contact an appropriate mover and schedule a date for a move.

IMG_2116The moving company will dispatch a team of experienced workers to provide assistance and you can even learn how to move heavy furniture pieces during a move in Venice.

Cleaning your furniture is the best thing to do before you start the move. Do not leave your furniture covered with dust and dirt; it will bring a new life and glance to your old furniture items. Sort your objects. Now is the time to decide if you want to keep some items or it is better to throw them away and buy new ones. You can also sell them and obtain some money to cover the cost of move.

Big furniture is difficult to carry around. Do not hesitate to disassemble your furniture into smaller, more manageable pieces. Place these pieces to well designated boxes and label these boxes. You will need to know where to find these parts as soon as you unpack. Be sure that your furniture does not contain any objects inside. Check the drawers and shelves and remove any object that you find. Otherwise these can damage the furniture and have potential to produce accidents.

Loading and unloading the furniture must be done by several people and this is why we usually recommend hiring a moving company.  They can lift the furniture using specially designed rollers, trolleys or dollies.  Plus, they can bring vehicles with lifting gates and large cargo capacity. All you need to do is to contact a local mover and see what services it provides.

We have several years of experience and moving furniture is a routine for us. We can move any kind of heavy furniture. Let us transform your move into a pleasant experience. Visit us!