How to Properly Pack and Move Gym Equipment in Venice or Nearby Cities!

Most of us have fitness equipment and we use it either to workout our muscles or to keep our silhouette. There are many benefits of working at home, with your own gym equipment: you do not have to waste time to get to the gym and you can exercise without feeling embarrassed by the presence of other people. But if you have to prepare these items for relocation, special measures of protection and transiting are mandatory. No one wants to damage its personal tools that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

First thing to do is a bulleted inventory list, to make sure that you have all the gym equipment gathered and prepared for packing. Check if larger equipments can be disassembled and keep track of each component part. Do not forget to gym equipmentlabel all items. If you have disassembled an item, you must take the instruction manual, so you can figure out later how to reassemble it and see if all parts are there. Treadmills can be usually broken into manageable parts.  Free weights are the simplest items to be packed, not to mention that they usually have their value already marked.

Use special boxes and containers for every piece of gym equipment. By definition, most of the gears are heavy and very expensive. Use heavy duty boxes and surround the content with enough padding material or wrapping material. Many machines have delicate internal components, especially new electronic equipments (steppers, cardio bicycles) and any serious bump can disrupt those internal components. Also, screws and bolts used for assemble must be kept together in sealed plastic bags.

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