How to move and pack gym equipment in Venice!

Some of us prefer to exercise at home, rather than go to a gym. It comfortable and provides many additional advantages, like not losing time traveling to a local gym and saving money.

gym equipmentWhen we have to move to a new house, relocating all the gym equipment can be a daunting task. The equipment is very heavy and unwieldy and if you want to save your back, you should call for Venice moving companies. Here are some tips if you want to know more about how to move and pack gym equipment in Venice.

It is vitally important to make a list of your items.  Gym equipment has so many parts and you must keep track of all of them.It is a smart idea to label each part, it will be really helpful when you will need to reassemble the equipment. Also, check if you have all manuals with instructions, they can give you further information about dismantling and reassembling the items. Reassembling can be more difficult than taking an item apart.

Each machine should have a separate box, preferable the original box, which was tailored for that specific item. If you do not have the original boxes, find newer ones of similar sizes.

Make sure that the boxes are solid and do not present physical damage. Also, use different boxes for different weights. Label all boxes accordingly with their content.

Remove all weights from machines, in order to make them easier to carry. Secure all boxes with packing tape or straps.  Keep in mind that not all fitness equipment can be placed in a box, there are various machines that are too big for a box. In this case you will need to wrap them in blankets. Again, you will need to secure those items with heavy duty straps.

You will certainly need a team to help you lift some machinery. Do not do all the lifting and risk getting yourself injured. There are other possibilities. Consider hiring a specialized moving company.

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